​The most appropriate place to give birth to this book was at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa - during Remembrance Week! The Vigil was on display at the Centre Block on Parliament Hill and our team was assembled a few kilometres away at the CWM.

​While Jason Doyle was madly running the Social Media Campaign from Nova Scotia, Rod was joined by Capt Michel David (the French translator), BGen Vic Lanctis (French Editor) and Heather LeDrew at the War Museum - where a record number of books were sold and signed. A very special thanks go to Mr. Frédéric Fortin and the staff at the CWM Boutique.

             MEMORIAL VIGIL

The Afghanistan Memorial Vigil began it's journey immediately following the May 9th Day of Honour celebrated on Parliament Hill - first to Washington DC, then back to Canada for an extensive tour to every major city in the country. 

Captain Pat Lottinville, CWO Dave Mahon and Cpl Martin LaBelle spent the next 7 months on the road.  Along the way, they were joined in each city by servicemen and women who volunteered their time to 'man' the display, meet the public and answer questions.